Robar Guns has long been the leader in grip reductions for Glocks, but they have now come up with the second modification which cinches the deal for making Glocks or Springfield XDs useable for people with smaller hands and shorter fingers than the average person. By carving away material from under the trigger guard right where the trigger guard and the frame meet, they have created an perfect indentation for the middle finger of the strong hand to snuggle up into tightly. It’s called the High Grip Modification and that is exactly what it does. Combined with a standard grip reduction, it allows the smaller than average strong/master hand to engage the entire grip at a higher position than the original design. The result is the trigger finger then has a shorter reach to the trigger. The small hand can now achieve a grip which is closer to the ideal of having the barrel and forearm in a straight line. The need to compromise and therefore reduce the effectiveness of the grip by turning the strong hand around to the side of the grip to reach the trigger is no longer necessary. After years of frustration with pairing a smaller than average hand with the grip of a Glock 19, last week at the Writer’s Conference at Gunsite, I was able to shoot over a hundred rounds without any the usual malfunctions caused by a less than adequate grip. The same modifications but on a Glock 43 were excellent as well.

Now add a FALX trigger by Overwatch Precision which will sit further back within the trigger guard than the original trigger thus enhancing the shorter reach to the trigger. This all for the completes the perfect package of modifications for small hands.

And two other modifications are icing on the cake. One is having material scalloped out from around the magazine release button and replacing that button with one from Vickers. This allows easy access to a user friendly button. The Vickers slide stop lever is also user friendly. There is a small rolled edge at the top which helps the thumb stay in place when applying upward pressure to the lever.

All of these modifications can be excellent changes for anyone, but perhaps they will be most particularly useful for women who have struggled to use a Glock or Springfield XD, which is a little bit or a lot too big for their hand. Here are true solutions they never knew were possible. Thank you Robar Guns!