The DTI Women Defensive Handgun Retreat at @The Historic Elk Mountain Hotel in WY this past weekend was a memorable event. To quote one attendee, spending the weekend with " amazing, fabulous, gritty and grand women" was the place to be. There were real ranchwife-cowgirls at the Range on the range, medical professionals, an anthropologist, a gun range/store owner, a stay at home mom and moms and grown daughters and mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. They were from Wyoming, Illinois, Texas and Oklahoma. What they had in common though was the determination to pertect their defensive skills and learn more about competent gun handling. They struggled with heavy triggers and carry pistols that were small for their hands and holsters that were less than ideas. This is not an easy class and they are told it would not be fun, but would be a lot of work! They found that out and relished the challenges, including the WY wind! And the moose in the parking lot on Sunday morning! Each night they returned to the hotel for wonderful dinners placed graciously in front of them by Chef Susan with desserts beyond description! And they went home on Monday, tired but confident. What a weekend!