Being in the Moment
Every student is unique, but some bring sets of challenges which would keep other people at home. Lyn came with her husband and son for a weekend of training. They worked hard in the MUD in the rifle class while she fortunately did not to do that! But she did have to work, and work hard in the basic handgun class. Trembling hands, pounding heart and rapid breathing are everyday experiences for her, but now she had to think through new skills and knowledge at along with them. That takes mental concentration. That put her in survival mode, just like she is everyday with the familiar demands on her daily life. But to learn defensive handgun skills, she applied that same survival mode mentality. She learned by being in the moment. She immersed herself in each step of each skill so that she "learned" it. Each step became connected to the others: draw, grip, sights, trigger, recoil, reset. They were each dependent upon the other. She learned and she mastered. A good lesson for us all. Being in the moment helps us learn!