Lesson 3 from Robar Guns Writer’s Conference

I decided to wait for the return of my PolymAr15 VF before addressing the third day at Gunsite with Robar Guns. Nothing was done to change the performance, no need because it has never even had a hiccup, but now has a couple of updates. It now has a BCM Wolf Gray Stock (formerly black) and the same gray polymer keyed grip panels.
Although I have been using this rifle for classes for just shy of two years and am well familiar with its benefits, it was exciting to watch men who are used to the typical heavy AR use a variety of the PolymAR15s Robar offers! No one complains when the rifle is as light weight as some handguns! Approximately 5.5 lbs, +/_ hanging off your shoulders instead of 9 plus! Incredible! Quick to mount to the shoulder and just as quick to stabilize and find the sights, wether Aimpoint Red Dot or iron sights. A smooth crisp trigger, and just as crisp trigger reset enhances your ability to get right back on the target for efficient accuracy. So, no matter if you are 5 ft tall or over 6 ft tall, this rifle has its place when efficiency is paramount. Or, when wearing a rifle for assigned extended duty time is required. Or when someone is of smaller stature or has a bad back or has plenty of other gear to carry. During our drills, we used the PolymArs at distances from 3 yds to 25 yds with timed drills. Excellent results, even when we went to the 200 yard range!

And cleaning was a breeze with all the internal parts NP3ed!

Here is a group of women who have never fired an AR learning that it isn’t too complicate, too heavy or too much recoil for them! They were astounded!