What an awesome three days we had last week at the Robar Writer’s Conference. Each day was filled to the brim with information supplied by our wonderful host, Freddie Blish, owner of @Robar Guns, along with two (out of 7) of his knowledgeable and competent gunsmiths, Jesse and Jim. And, to top it all off, the weather was perfect and what better range location could there have been than at @Gunsite.

Day One was a chance to try all the difference customizations offered by Robar for Glocks and Springfield XDs. Sounds easy enough until we realized we would be trying out these features while working on the challenges presented to us by instructor Jeff Gonzales! No slacking allowed! What a grand opportunity to fail! That of course, is another way of saying that a lot of learning was taking place!

Day Two we learned about, and experienced, the variety of options available for 1911’s from Robar in both 9mm and 45 ACP. Exciting, demanding and challenging. Freddie put us through all the same drills as the first day. The differences in performance from the day before were very interesting!

Day Three was for the Robar PolymAR rifles. Short distances, long distances, slow shots and timed shots, standing or prone our skills were challenged again while the rifles performed flawlessly. Freddie presented some "eye opening" experiences for us with optics as well.

And, each day we had to clean the guns we had used! Actually, that was the easy part as will be explained.

More details to follow!