​Mabel Monday on Thursday

Sue asks: Dear Mabel, I love to wear skinny jeans but now that I want to learn to carry concealed and get my permit, I’m not sure it will work. When try to put my Ruger LCP in my inside the waistband holster, I think I end up pointing the muzzle at ME because the holster is held in so tightly and then if I can get it in the holster, there is a huge bulge in the waistband! I love my skinny jeans more than the idea of concealed carry! What can I do?!!
Mabel says: Sorry Sue. The answer is no skinny jeans! There just isn’t any extra room to accommodate inside the waistband carry without a being incredibly uncomfortable and creating a lump at the waistband and however far below the waistband that the holster and handgun extend. And, although you could cover that lump with a pullover concealment garment​, you would still be uncomfortable and it would not chance the fact that reholstering is now a very dangerous prospect. You need to be able to slide the muzzle of your handgun straight into the holster and NOT have to pry it in by first pointing it at yourself to facilitate getting the muzzle started into the top of the holster! Inside the waistband carry and skinny jeans are not a proper fit for each other!