Glock 42 with Features from Robar Guns

The compact, single column size of the Clock 42 in 380 offers several advantages. It works for people with average hands, great for smaller hands and is yet very usable for large hands, and concealable for most everyone. A great choice. Robar Guns, however, has come up with some customized features which enhance its usability. Here are photos of my G42 which just returned from Robar Guns with the custom features which work for me. First, the forward end of the trigger guard has been rounded while the High Grip Modification, done where the trigger guard and the grip meet, allows someone with very short fingers to snuggle up high behind the trigger guard and have a shorter reach to the trigger than the original design. Then both the grip and the trigger guard have been give a pebbly type texture, easy on the hands but allowing for a secure contact between hands and the grip. The Half Moon cuts at the base of the grip are great for actually being able to grasp the base of the magazine for efficient removal. A great solution for small hands and big hands. Additionally, the Vickers Slide Release has a slight roll at the top so that there is just enough contour to make it readily operable for all thumbs also as a slide lock. The Ameriglo Spartan Operator with Tritium can quickly draw the eye in for immediate sight alignment. And finally, between the Ghost Edge Connector and the N3 Metal Finish on all the internal parts, including the barrel, everything that moves does so with incredible smoothness. Freddie Blish and his crew of skilled and competent gunsmiths did a fantastic job! Thank you!