Fundamentals of Everyday Carry for Women

Come join us at the Historic Elk Mountain Hotel and the Shooting Complex in Rawlins, WY for "Fundamentals of Everyday Carry for Women". It is all well and good to make the decision to buy a handgun for self protection, maybe even take some lessons, buy a holster or a handbag and have every intention of carrying on a regular basis. But, when it comes time to put the gun on or in that handbag and head out the door, there are so many justifiable excuses to not do it this time but promise oneself to do it next time. And, of course, next time never happens. Or maybe you do it, but not regularly. Well, you are not alone. So let’s make a plan though, and see if we can make it happen on a regular basis. It’s time to find out how to fit that defensive handgun into your life. To wear it, to practice retrieving it from wherever it is concealed, to consistently hit the target, to be able to re-conceal it. Let’s become comfortable, if possible, with carrying concealed as appropriate. Because after all, it you buy it, but leave it at home or wonder if you could ever draw in time to save your life, what good have you done for yourself? Contact Susan at the office or 1-307-348-7774 for cost and registration or Vicki about course content at vicki