Just an update on the DTI Women at the Elk Mountain Hotel for 2017! Two classes are again scheduled and Susan at the hotel is preparing the rooms and menus!
Level II class. Concealed Carry – Comfort and Action.

June 2 (beginning 3 pm) to June 5 (breakfast). Learn to be comfortable carrying your handgun concealed, and be capable of drawing it and handling it under stress. Learn about movement and use of cover. Bring the gear you regularly use or want to use. Confirm your accuracy.
Level I class. Basic Defensive Handgun Skills

Sept 8 (beginning 3 pm) to Sept 11(breakfast) . Learn to handle your handgun safely and competently. Learn to draw from the holster and be accurate. Learn also about avoidance and non-lethal skills and tools.
The weekend starts with lecture on Friday afternoon followed by one of Susan’s fabulous dinners with time for getting to know one another. She will send us on our way, on both Saturday and Sunday, with a wonderful breakfast and picnic lunch. Each night we will return once more to the relaxing atmosphere of Elk Mountain Hotel for another excellent dinner and time to talk about the day and what we learned. Monday will see us all on our way home with new friends and new skills following Susan’s farewell breakfast.

Which room will you get? The Ester Hobart Morris, the Lewis Armstrong, Eliza Swain, or the Jim Bridger?

You can check it all out on the Elk Mountain Hotel web page www.elkmountainhotel.com and see photos on DTIWomen Facebook page.

ALL RESERVATIONS made through Susan at the Elk Mountain Hotel at:

Come join us in wonderful Wyoming!