It was Father’s Day, and Benita came to class "for the team". It was her husband’s wish that she and their three young adult children (two sons and a daughter) attend a DTI Defensive Handgun class. It was undoubtedly the least enjoyable way Benita could imagine to spend the weekend. Saturday was so hot and miserable that it was surprising anyone could speak, listen or learn anything. We all struggled on through however and amazingly everyone did learn. The heat was not the only frustration. Both Benita and her daughter Rachel had brand new, right-out-of-the box Glock 42s. And, as sometimes happens with new 42s, usually as a result of the low power practice 380 ammunition, the guns were consistently one shooters. Benita and Rachel were listening, in spite of the heat, and quickly mastered clearing stoppages and they were speedy at it in no time! But frustrated beyond, beyond! Eventually the temperature went down, along with the sun and class ended in the cool of the Hoosier twilight. Morning brought cooler, fresher air! And, a switch to a S&W M&P Shield 380 EZ sparked the beginning of accuracy and solid gun handling skills other than clearing stoppages for both of them! Now it was possible to fire more than one round. Now it was possible to see multiple hits on the target which were is the desired location. Now it was possible to see how resetting the trigger works. Now it was possible to imagine using a handgun for self protection. Now it was possible for Benita to imagine…..oh wait. When did that moment happen? Was it because she struggled and struggled and master accuracy and the trigger in spite of the frustration? Was she learning inspite of the miserable circumstances? Oh yes she was! And when she realized what she had mastered, you could see the confidence in the set of her shoulders and the tilt of her head. Yes, she could do this! And Rachel too, but she had been more positive from the beginning and saw the benefit immediately for herself. But the best was yet to come. Benita proudly passed the final drill confirming that she could handle a gun competently. And then, (I could hardly suppress a grin), when Benita went to her husband and said that if she just had a Shield EZ she would be so happy. And she made that Father’s Day one of the happiest her husband could have imagined! Way to go Benita! And Rachel too!